Experience It: Binga, Zimbabwe: Sandy Beaches & Hot Springs

Experience It: Binga, Zimbabwe: Sandy Beaches & Hot Springs

Southern Africa is known for its unparalleled natural beauty and Zimbabwe is no exception. Head towards the southeastern shore of Lake Kariba and you’ll find Binga, Zimbabwe – another of the country’s wonderful destinations. In this district lies a diverse wealth of fishing, boating & cultural activities.

Situated in Matabeleland North province, Binga has some positively enchanting wilderness to offer local and international tourists. With a one-of-a-kind sandy beach, warm weather, and endless wildlife, it’s easy to see what keeps people coming back for more. Keep reading to find out all about the remarkable Binga, Zimbabwe.

Captivating History Of Binga Zimbabwe

Binga town was originally built to rehouse the Batonga people. The tribe’s traditional homelands were flooded when Lake Kariba was created.

This event completely overturned the Tonga people’s way of life. International financial assistance was needed to help the Tonga community adjust to their new homes. Aid workers offered support with the construction of clinics and schools in the area to ensure that the Tonga people would thrive.

The mission was a success. Today, Batonga’s traditions and lifestyles are of great interest to tourists.

A Batonga museum has been established so visitors can discover everything they want to know about the fascinating Tonga population. In just one hour, you can become an expert in the rich culture of these resourceful and engaging people.

Visit the area and you will also get to experience a successful handicraft industry. The Batonga community are expert craftsmen and the area is filled with baskets, beadwork, drums, carved stools, and doors.

What To Explore In Binga Town

Binga district is reachable on a tar road, right off the main road leading to Bulawayo Victoria Falls. It acts as a stop-off for visitors travelling by 4×4 on the gravel road near the southern shore of Lake Kariba.

One of the main attractions of the area is the Zambezi River. If you are looking to explore this natural river gem then Binga is the perfect place to visit.

Fishing is a popular activity and the local community depend on it for their livelihood. So get your gear ready and prepare for a fishing trip to remember!

You’ll be astonished by the sight of Chibwatatata hot springs – one of Binga’s most prized possessions. The Batonga people are said to treasure the springs as they consider them to have healing properties. Not much can beat the image of steaming hot water escaping from the solid, stony crust of the earth.

Come & Spend A Night In The Binga Lodges

You will never be short of places to stay when you visit this mini paradise. Much of the accommodation is privately owned, so you can look forward to some brilliant self-catering facilities.

The area is full of supermarkets that provide the basics, so fending for yourself won’t be too difficult. Fresh supplies can even be pre-ordered making your stay as convenient as possible.

If a scenic lakeside option is more your preference, there are villas and rooms available in small lodges nearby. For the more adventurous, there are camps situated near the popular hot springs.

You can enjoy cruises on large houseboats that voyage over Lake Kariba’s hippo-filled waters. Visitors from Bulawayo, Hwange or Victoria Falls can also appreciate full access to the lake via Binga.

This advantage means tourists don’t have to travel all the way to Kariba town. There is no better opportunity to relax and enjoy a beautiful view of the sun setting over the lake, with a drink in hand and good friends around you.

Experience The Wildlife

The animals and surroundings are a huge part of why tourists are so attracted to Binga. A journey to Zimbabwe would not be complete without coming face to face with the country’s exotic wildlife. In Binga, you can hope to spot buffalos, elephants, and even lions.

Prepare to get up close and personal with some fierce predators when you visit Binga’s crocodile farm. Imagine leaning over a railing and making eye contact with one of Africa’s most majestic and powerful reptiles.

The One-Of-A-Kind Binga Beach

Binga Beach lies on the shores of Lake Kariba and is the only sand beach in Zimbabwe. The beach’s convenient location and beautiful sandy shore make it the perfect addition to your Zimbabwe vacation itinerary. Just think of the possibilities…

You can go for a drive and take in a gorgeous view of the Zambezi River, before relishing a lakeside picnic at Binga Beach – all in one action-packed day.

You’ll be able to squeeze the most out of your African holiday and have an experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world!

Book A Trip To Binga

There is no excuse not to take a trip to this premium African destination. Whether you are just visiting for a day or enjoying a longer stay to really soak up the Binga atmosphere, it’s impossible to get bored.

Binga offers all the best elements of this incredible country. Get ready for an experience you will never forget… Get ready for Binga, Zimbabwe.