Experience It: Botswana’s Gabane Village – Vibrant Music Scene & Nightlife

Experience It: Botswana’s Gabane Village – Vibrant Music Scene & Nightlife

Travel approximately 10 mi (16 km) west of Gaborone, Botswana’s capital, and you will stumble upon the hidden gem of Gabane village. Prepare to feast on authentic Botswana culture in this African paradise.

The village, originally home to the Bamalete tribe, is a perfect blend of rural and cosmopolitan. It is located in the Kweneng District that borders the famous Kahalari. Agriculture is the main source of income for the older generation while the younger generations are more urbanised.

A trip to this village will give you a peek into real Botswana society, with fascinating history located around every corner. Here, we will tell you all there is to know before you head out to this true testament of African tourism.

Gabane Village’s Captivating Curiosities

You might be interested to know that this tiny treasure of Botswana is quickly growing in numbers. In 2001, a census recorded that the population consisted of only 10 399 people.

This was seen to have increased significantly in 2011 when the population was recorded to have grown to 14 842. This expansion is all the more reason to see the village now. An opportunity to get the true African experience before it becomes completely urbanised.

Kgosi Mosadi Seboko is the paramount chief stationed at Ramotswa. The Setswana term “Kgosi” means “ruler” or “chief”. As the first female chief, her appointment was a groundbreaking achievement in Botswana’s history.

Her leadership style is considered unconventional compared to her male predecessors. She has been known to openly discuss her abusive ex-husband, rights for women, and the growing HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Explore The Rich Culture Of Gabane Village

Gabane is well known for its wealth of culture and passionate locals. If vibrant nightlife is what you are looking for then you will adore the lively music scene here.

The village has produced some of the most popular live bands in the country like Matsieng as well as Franco and Afro Musica. And, you’ll be overjoyed to know that the artistic vein of Gabane village is not just limited to music.

Gabane is known for some of the best contemporary street art in Botswana. The village is also popular for the modern-day fashion trends it produces. As a result, site-seeing takes on a whole new meaning in Gabane with so many popping colours and attention-grabbing graphics.

Let’s take a look at some more of this village’s fun highlights.

Enjoy Football With The Locals

Gabane is a village famous countrywide for its football fanatics. The locals’ fervour for the sport may rival even that of England!

The village’s pride team is the Uniao Flamengo Santos. The team’s matches in the national premier league are a must-see for locals and tourists alike. Especially as they stoke the flames of passion in their supporters and bring the village together in celebration.

One of the best ways to find out more about the locals is to watch a football match with them. Many sports clubs can be found playing in the different fields around town. Why not choose one to support and experience the fandom first hand?

Explore Gabane’s Nightlife

Take a culture trip around Gabane’s night scene. Visiting clubs in the village is an excellent way to experience the local music taste. The nightlife here caters to both older and younger generations.

Even if you are not a party animal, you won’t want to miss out on the live bands Gabane has to offer. The village is home to some of the best music in the country. A bordering-on-greedy appetite for music is one of the things that sets this successful town apart from other areas.

Visit Gabane Museum

If you enjoy daytime explorations, then you will love the village’s historical attractions. Venture down to the museum located close to the centre of the town.

This is the perfect way to reveal the area’s past. You will be able to view various astonishing artefacts from the first people to inhabit the village.

Shop Till You Drop

Of course, you will need a souvenir (or 10) to remember this stunning African experience. Luckily, Gabane is a shopping haven for tourists.

But, before you charge ahead, try to arrange for someone to help you with some bargaining tips. Otherwise, crafts could become somewhat inflated in price during the negotiation phase of your purchase.

The nearby Pelegano village is a unique craft centre that started in 1982. It is centred around a pottery business that produces amazing African art.

This village is predominantly run by a successful team of women who collect and mould clay. These crafts are sold to tourists to sustain the villagers.

Do yourself a favour. Jump at the opportunity to tour Pelegano village and see how the pots are made.

You can even enjoy a pottery class. These are provided throughout the day by experts at a small cost. You can choose to create a fantastic clay model from a wide variety of options. A hands-on way of amplifying your African adventure.

Experience The Good Life

There is no question as to where you should stop during your next exciting Botswana safari vacation. The town is so close to the international airport, you can explore it on your first day in the country.

You’ll love introducing yourself to the talented artistic locals, immersing yourself in the lively music scene, and kicking around a football at one of the sports clubs. Gabane village offers the chance to experience Botswana firsthand. Grab the opportunity by the horns!