In 2018, we opened our new logistics department, which revitalised the way our freight is managed. We facilitate efficient supply and freight runs for lodges and camps in the Okavango Delta, ensuring these safari destinations have what they need to cater for the best customer experience.

With the upgrade of the Mack Air fleet and our streamlined focus on capacity, we can now move 25-45% more perishable, dry, valuable, and time-sensitive freight and cargo to lodges and camps.

Due to our focus on efficiency and optimised capacity, Mack Air offers a greener cargo and freight alternative. We require fewer flights to service camps, meaning we reduce our footprint. We offer fast, effective and responsible cargo and freight solutions.

And, on top of this, we also ensure the freshness of our transported goods. Our aircraft are fully equipped with light-weight, industrial cooler boxes. Our Cool Freighter is a customer-oriented freight solution for camps, lodges and mobile operations in the Okavango Delta. Read more about our Cool Freighter and Cool Containers offerings below.

We facilitate supply runs for the Camps in the Okavango Delta namely Belmond Safaris, &Beyond Luxury Africa Safaris, Sanctuary Retreats, Great Plains Conservation for example. We have specific days set for the freight runs. Our EX aircraft cater for 1,400kg of freight approximately.

Grand Caravan “Cool Freighter”

The enhancement of our Grand Caravan EX aircraft has led to improved performance and capacity in terms of both weight and volume. We can now offer increased freight loads to destinations in the Okavango Delta and Kalahari.

To the majority of destinations, these upgrades in capacity have resulted in a 30-40% weight increase and a possible 40-65% volume increase for a flight. Our Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft can transport up to 1 400kg of freight and can do more than one drop-off on a charter flight. As a result, our clients can service multiple destinations on a single flight or alternatively, service multiple destinations more frequently during the week.

Mack Air “Cool Container”

We have invested in a large number of specially-designed Cool Containers as a value add to our freight offering. These cool containers protect clients’ perishable and breakable freight at no additional expense.

The containers are made from high-quality polyethylene compounds. These compounds have a specific shape and size that enable us to optimise aircraft volume by packing cargo up to roof height in the main cabin. These containers are also robust, ensuring they can withstand the sometimes-harsh climatic conditions of the region.

These containers are capable of holding ice for well over 24 hours. Goods arrive at their intended destination in impeccable condition.

Our Cool Freighter Solution means that clients can load the following items in our cool containers:

  • Frozen meat products
  • Refrigerated perishables (yoghurts, cheeses, creams, etc.)
  • High-risk vegetables and salads
  • Breakables (eggs, etc.)

By using these incredible containers on our full freight charter flights, we:

  • Extend the shelf life of transported products
  • Reduce damage to products delivered
  • Extend the hours within which flights may be conducted and products transported
  • Enable multiple destinations to be served on a single flight