Charter Flights

What will you discover next?

From the beginning, Mack Air has primarily been a non-scheduled air charter service, transporting safari enthusiasts in and around the Okavango Delta.

Due to the large number of tourists moving within a highly-concentrated ‘Lodge and Airstrip’ area, we are able to offer uniquely discounted rates by placing passengers on the same flight, as they make their way to Africa’s finest destinations. This is a dream come true for camps, lodges and travel agents who want passengers to have the ultimate flying experience, but at extremely competitive prices.

If the passenger requires exclusive use of an aircraft or needs to travel far in order to reach their destination, we would book this as a private charter.

See a map of our active airstrips and camps in Botswana.

Private Charter

Travel how you want, when you want

Our private charters are ideal for passengers who require sole use of an aircraft or who need to travel far to reach their destination. This service caters to passengers who are running on tight schedules and/or favour exclusivity as a part of their safari adventure.

Our private charters provide full privacy and flexibility and allow clients and passengers to decide when and how they would like to travel. 

We offer:

  • Game lodge transfers
  • Camp transfers
  • Private Charters
  • Business Charters

The private charter option is readily available for all our clients. We offer this service for clients requiring full privacy and flexibility. With our Non-Scheduled Flights operating with a similar regard, private charters allow clients to choose when and how they would like to travel.