Dreams do come true for Mzala


We are proud to announce that after being introduced to HRDC and being enlightened of how we as a company can give a helping hand at growing our Team. We have enrolled our very own and made his dreams come true by sponsoring him to become a Pilot.
Oabile Mpho Kabo, well known as Mzala has been part of the Mack Air Team for 3 good years and last year approached the company with an application for Sponsorship to obtain his Commercial license.  He had a moment for a short yet interesting interview with the Green Tails Media Crew to share a little about this experience;

– What is your current position at Mack Air?
I am currently working as a Ramp Manager

– When did you realize that you had a passion for flying?
Since I completed my Cambridge in 2008.

– For how long have you been trying to get sponsorship to peruse your dream job?
It has been 10 years now that I have been knocking on the doors seeking for sponsorship.

– How long did it take you to finally get sponsorship to peruse your dream?
It only took 2 months to present and get my dreams answered to.

– How did you get the opportunity to get the Sponsorship with Mack Air?
It all started when I put aside the fright and went through the right channels to secure myself an appointment to seat and ask for sponsorship from Mr Michael Weyl, who was kind enough to hear me out and the rest is history.

– What advise can you give to future pilots or anybody out there with a dream?
The little word I would put for anyone out there is, ”work hard towards your dreams and never give up.”