Experience Botswana: Boat Cruises & Mokoro Safaris

The options to experience Southern Africa are endless. None really outweigh the others with each one being just as unique as the next. You can’t really get enough of this magical place. 

Despite this, there is something truly remarkable about experiencing Africa from the vantage point of its stunning lakes and rivers. Nowhere is this more true than in stunning Botswana. 

There is something special about seeing the Gem of Africa (Botswana’s nickname) from a perfect view that only mother nature can produce. Boat rides and Mokoro safaris have become increasingly popular, simply because they offer something no other safari can. Keep reading if you want to learn more about this fantastic mode of tourism. 

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Immerse Yourself In The Tradition Of A Mokoro Safari

When it comes to boating in Africa, a true highlight is the boat safari that started the entire tradition in breathtaking Botswana

Modern-day Mokoro safaris are inspired by the people of the past who used traditional wooden Mokoros as a form of transport. Many years later you get to experience a modern version of this dugout canoe.

What a relaxing way to explore Botswana’s waterways and see first-hand the smaller creatures that you wouldn’t typically see from a vehicle or on foot.

More On The Mokoro

Many years ago the ancient Tawana people used dug-out canoes to make their mark on the famous Okavango Delta. Today, to protect the delta’s environment, an eco-friendly fibreglass version is used for your viewing pleasure. 

This is your chance to see wildlife the way the Bushman did. It is no wonder the Mokoro has become the symbol of the Delta. Come and glide over bodies of water in one of the most serene spots in the entire world. 

Enjoy The Magic Of The Mokoro

If you are looking for an authentic African experience, this is it. Everything seems just a little bit better from a Mokoro.

From this viewpoint, you can truly appreciate nature, everything from the size of the mighty elephant to the intimidating hippos, and crocodiles basking just feet away from you.

Don’t let the cool water fool you though, the sunshine reflecting off of the glossy surface means you can get burnt from above and below your hat. Remember to wear sunglasses, drink lots of water and get yourself strong sunscreen before you start your adventure. 

Boat Cruises In Botswana

Perhaps when you think about boating Botswana the first thing that comes to mind isn’t taking a trip in a small Mokoro. Not to worry, if this mode of ancient transportation is not your style then you can enjoy something bigger for your water tour. 

There are so many places you can enjoy the open water in this marvellous country. Experience a wonderful houseboat safari, or a sundowner cruise on the Chobe River. Go white-water rafting near Victoria Falls. Cast your lines into the great Zibadianja Lagoon, or find your way through the Linyanti wetlands.

The opportunities are endless. Botswana boat cruises are the next best thing for the avid adventurer. 


Fishing In Botswana

You don’t have to just stop at admiring the game, why not get in on the hunt and fish. Depending on where you’re staying some lodges operate a catch and release policy, while others will cook your catch of the day. Lucky for you most safari lodges supply fishing gear so you can really get a first hand experience. 

The Okavango Delta is a superb fishing destination. Make sure you avoid camps on the fringes of the delta where water levels are seasonal and make your way towards permanent-water camps. 

If you are looking for a smaller setting then catch and release fishing in the Linyanti wetland area is for you. Fishing here takes place in a maze of permanent rivers and seasonal floodplains. These calm waters entice keen fisherman to cast to the colonies of fish that thrive under the water’s surface. 

It’s Time To Cruise In Botswana

Why not take to the high seas and live your next adventure. If you think land dwelling in Southern Africa is fun then you are about to take your tourism experience to the next level. 

Whether you are viewing the country by air, land or flowing waters, Botswana is a wonder to behold. It’s time to make your mark on the Gem of Africa. See Botswana in a way you never thought you could. Plan your next trip with Mack Air today.