Experience It Botswana: Take A Walk On The Wild Side – Botswana Walking Safaris

When you think about the experience of a safari, what comes to mind? If your answer included a large open-air safari vehicle with raised seating for better viewing and a guide driving you through the bush, it might be time to think again. 

Nobody really thinks they can see Africa’s most beloved wildlife on foot. For most people, this experience might be a little too close for comfort. But for people with an adventurous spirit, Botswana is changing the game. Keep reading to find out how you can experience the best that Southern Africa has to offer up close and personal. 

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Experience Botswana On Foot

The experience of bountiful Botswana is one you will remember for the rest of your life. It makes sense to enjoy the country’s great outdoors with your feet firmly planted on the ground.  

Curious tourists can travel on foot throughout Botswana to see the great outdoors and experience the most incredible game reserves, including the Okavango Delta and the famous Chobe National Park, the way nature intended.

Feel the trees up close while the best of what Botswana’s nature has to offer roams freely around you. Enjoy tailor-made journeys while you personally search for sightings you can only hope to see once in your lifetime.

Choosing Your Botswana Walking Safari

There are a number of safari options to choose from. Everything from shorter early morning walks to longer hikes that last a few days.

Every safari-goer is accompanied by an experienced guide who will help you navigate the landscape and locate some of the most iconic animals that roam the bush, such as elephants, giraffes and buffalo. With each step, you will be transported deeper into the wild, surrounded by nature in all its raw and untamed glory.

Your guide will help you discover the complexities of animal tracking. When exploring the wilderness even the smallest imprint has great meaning. Listen carefully as they interpret the sights and sounds around you. Through their eyes, you get to explore the miracles of the bush.

Bush Walking Safari

A large majority of the lodges and national parks in Botswana offer walking safaris as a leisurely early morning or afternoon activity. What you see depends on when you decide to go.

Imagine getting to see a mother rhino and her baby rising with the sun or a mighty predator taking a long drink of water before its mid-day nap. No matter what time of day you visit, the sites are unforgettable. 

Overnight Walking Trails

For the most daring explorers, some parks offer an overnight walking trail. Choosing this option could see you on the trail for three days or more. 

If the thought of spending your nights in the wild gets your heart racing, then you might want to head to the Selinda region or maybe to the Okavango. These are considered some of the best night trails in the business.

Walking With Giants

Arguably one of the most coveted walking safari experiences is a stroll through nature with the people who know the terrain best, the San Bushmen.

The San are the original inhabitants of the African wilderness, the true original Africans. These fascinating people share an otherworldly spiritual connection with the earth, and getting to spend time with them is nothing short of amazing. 

On this one-of-a-kind safari, the San will share with you some of their most intimate knowledge. Get to know first-hand how they survived for thousands of years in some of the world’s harshest environments. We promise that you will never look at the Kalahari the same way again.

Uncovering Ancient Wisdom: The San Bushmen Of Botswana

It is said that the first people to trek on Southern African soil were the San Bushmen. These hunter-gatherers lived a life that spanned several African nations for tens of thousands of years.

Today they continue to preserve their culture and traditions while adapting to the modern world and have partnered with conservation groups to promote sustainable development that benefits both people and wildlife.

You can join the San Bushmen on an unforgettable guided walking safari and experience their way of life first hand. Learn all about their ancient and traditional techniques of tracking and hunting wild game, while exploring the natural beauty of the Kalahari.

Journey with them and learn how to gather edible plants such as roots and berries and experience a deep connection with the natural world. Discover their rich cultural heritage and immerse yourself in their ancient wisdom. Listen to their captivating tales and legends, accompanied by their traditional songs and dances.

Through their resilience and commitment to preserving their cultural heritage, the San Bushmen continue to be an integral part of Botswana’s identity. 

Tracking The Beast

The number of animals you can hope to see on your hike through Botswana is endless but, let’s be honest, some sites are more exciting than others.

Bush tracking in Botswana is a thrilling adventure that takes you deep into the heart of the African wilderness. Imagine waking up to the sound of lions roaring in the distance, the smell of wood smoke from the campfire, and the feel of the warm sun on your skin. 

As you venture out into the savanna, you’ll be accompanied by experienced trackers. Along the way, you’ll also have the chance to learn about the traditional methods and knowledge used by local communities to survive in this harsh but beautiful environment. With each step, you’ll be transported deeper into the wild, surrounded by nature in all its raw and untamed glory.

Rhino Tracking

Unique places like the Khama Rhino Sanctuary or the Mokolodi Nature Reserve give you the opportunity to search for one of Africa’s most beloved animals, the rhino.

Rhino tracking is a highly specialised safari activity and can only be done in very specific parts of Africa, due to the nature of the rhino. On the safari, you will learn how to follow rhino tracks through the wilderness, literally walking in their footsteps. All your senses must be on the alert with every sight and sound magnified. Finally finding the rhino after a long walk is a life-defining moment. 

See the world through the eyes of a rhino, and maybe learn a few new things. You will find out all about the survival techniques and habits of some of the strongest animals in the world. Most importantly, tourists will get to learn how they can help ensure these beasts are here for the next generation to enjoy. 

Giraffe Tracking

Giraffe tracking is a little different as they are one of the most distinctive animals on the entire planet. They can be seen by the naked eye from far away. 

Your tracker will teach you how to identify the footprints of these giant creatures. You will learn the tell-tale signs, including their peculiar signalling sounds, that will alert you that they are close by.  

Fill your day with breath-taking encounters with these magnificent beasts. Learn everything you need to know about them and how they navigate their way through the wilderness. 

Stretch Your Legs on the World’s Most Beautiful Continent

Not since the days of our ancestors have people wandered about the African landscape so freely, and now it is your turn.

See Africa as you have never seen it before. Feel the wind in your hair and the rich African soil under your feet. Come to Botswana and truly feel the heartbeat of Africa. Start your journey with Mack Air, book your flight today.