Experience It: The Muddy Face Botswana Plains Adventure Rally

The opportunity to explore Southern Africa up close and personal is the stuff dreams are made of. Riding through the open plains of the African Wilderness seems like something that could only exist in one’s imagination. 

Muddy Face Botswana has made it their mission to turn this into a reality for rally racers and adventurers brave enough to try. Every year the organisers invite riders, their friends and families to explore the wild side of Botswana for a weekend of speed and excitement. We caught up with them to find out more about this year’s Plains Adventure Rally.

What Is Muddy Face Botswana?

Muddy Face Botswana is an events company that goes the extra mile by creating events that are unique to Botswana which can’t be done anywhere else in the world. These events are something the whole family can participate in, and are filled with non-stop thrills, excitement and fun.

Founded by Lola Berrie and our very own “Kalahari Ferrari” Ross Branch, Muddy Face focuses on remote motorsport events in and around Botswana. The dream of these rocking racers was to make motorsport more accessible through out-of-this-world Muddy Face adventures.

Start Your Engines: Muddy Face’s Next Big Adventure

This year Muddy Face has gone all out on the round trip of a lifetime. An adventure rally set in the wild wide open plains of big beautiful Botswana

From the 29th of September to the 2nd of October avid riders will dawn on the Southern African paradise to cover a distance of approximately 497mi (800km) in 3 days. Beginning in Maun the trip will come full circle. The closing ceremony will be held on the 2nd of October at Sitatunga Camp just outside of Maun. 

It’s an all-out race adventure no matter what your mode of transportation. You get to choose how you travel. This exciting route caters for adventure bikes, dirt bikes, rally bikes, quads and even 4x4s.

The Road Less Traveled: The Exciting Adventure Rally Route

So now, to answer the question on everyone’s mind, where exactly will this fun-filled rally take you? What magical route can you look forward to taking part in? 

The ride begins with a bang as day 1 will cover approximately 300km. The route will take participants along the Thamalakane River all the way up to the boundary line of the Moremi Game Reserve. Prepare for a route packed full of wildlife. The first day’s ride will then take participants to Leopard Plains.

Day 2 will be approximately 250km long and run along the boundary of the Nxai National Park. On this day, participants can choose to do more than one lap.

On Day 3 participants will experience the Boteti River where they will traverse back towards Sitatunga in Maun. The closing ceremony will be held at the end of day three. Crack open a much-deserved drink and celebrate the achievement of a lifetime!

“We never follow the same route,” says Lola. “We want people to experience the area and see as much as possible. We also want to make sure our environmental footprint is as small as possible.”

Who Should Join The Rally?

“800 km is not for the faint of heart,” Lola warns potential riders. 

While Muddy Face understands that this is the opportunity of a lifetime, it is more suited to riders who have a little more experience under their belt and are not completely novice. This is especially because of the heat during this time of year that can take down even pro racers.

However, Muddy Face acknowledges that there are quite a few adventure riders out there. And while not all of them hold biking licenses many of them are very much up for the challenge. Muddy Face is not one to stand in the way of a biker and the open road. You know your limits and if you think you are up for the challenge then Muddy Face welcomes you!

If you are getting ready to tame the beast just take heed of the advice from experienced rally racer Ross Branch;

“Take it slowly and learn as much of the navigation as you can,” Ross warns. Rally racing is all about endurance, so make sure you are physically and mentally fit and your body is in good condition. Having fun is the most important thing in rally racing because the days are long enough as it is. If you are not enjoying it they will be extra long.”

Fun For the Whole Family: What To Do When You Are Not Riding

When Muddy Face plans a fun weekend they don’t only have the rider in mind. If you’re thinking of joining as a spectator at the big Plains Adventure Rally, you will have a phenomenal time. 

“My husband will be in the race,” Lola remarks. “I am obviously going to put aside time to ride from one checkpoint to the next, and then once I arrive in Leopard Plains (where we will be spending nights 2 & 3) there are organized activities.”

Black Mamba Man will be on tour with us sharing his musical stories of each day’s happenings around the campfire, this is the perfect way to chill out after an exciting day in the plains. Fire, food, and the best storyteller in Africa!

Leopard Plains is an amazing lodge, and for this rally they have specially allocated Muddy Face Botswana space to set up a campsite. This is to accommodate everyone from the adventurers who love roughing it, and those who prefer a little bit of luxury. The lodge has so much to offer. From spectacular game drives to short scenic flights that give you a bird’s-eye view of the rally race below. With all this to try, you might end up having more fun than the riders involved in the race. 

Let’s not forget that the route is really close to the Makgadikgadi National Park. Imagine waving goodbye to your loved ones and going to explore a natural wonderland right around the corner. Just when you thought this event couldn’t possibly get any better.

Better Together: Muddy Face’s Awesome Sponsors

When you put together amazing events like Muddy Face it is only natural that you would partner with some game changing sponsors. The people behind the brands that help to keep Muddy Face running are just as awesome as the rallies they hold. 

“All our partners are with us for the long run,” says Lola. “Our partners stick with us through the year. They help us with everything from prizes to fuel stops.”

Muddy Face is forever grateful for the companies that help keep them on the open road. Companies like Bundutec 4×4 and De Vre Transport are more than sponsors, they are partners. Tswana Fuel provides the much-needed fuel for all the riders, Coastal Equipment Hire has time and time again provided necessities like lights and generators for the camps, and Skip Hire provides sanitation and water in remote places. 

Motul Botswana has also just come on board, and will be taking care of riders at every fuel stop. They will play a key role in keeping riders refueled.

Other sponsors who make our other events possible include:

We know we speak for every rally enthusiast when we say the gratitude for these companies is enormous.

Start Your Engines

Get ready to participate in a race you will never forget. Rev your engines and make your way toward the rally race that will change your life! 

If you’re worried you might have to miss out on the Plains Adventure Rally then you’re in luck because this event is not all Muddy Face offers. You can choose to join them for the Giants Adventure Rally in March or the Moonlight Adventure hosted in July. 

Nothing should keep you from this experience. On your marks, get set, go!Book yourself into the Muddy Face Plains Adventure Rally today.