Experience It: Things You Might Not Know About Victoria Falls

Experience It – Things You Might Not Know About Victoria Falls

Mother Nature was showing off when she created the world’s largest sheet of falling water. Stretching down for more than a mile is the great Victoria Falls of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Compared to other waterfalls of the world boasting amazing heights and widths, like the Angel Falls in Venezuela and the Iguazu Falls in Argentina, the Victoria Falls is considered the largest waterfall because of its combined width of 1708 metres (5604 ft) and height of 108 metres (354 ft). Its size alone makes this a spectacular sight to behold.

It’s no secret that Victoria Falls is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Yet, there are more reasons to visit the famous site than you might think. We are going to walk you through a few Victoria Falls facts you may not have known.

The Falls Were Named After Queen Victoria

Famous Scottish explorer and missionary David Livingstone is believed to be the first European to set sight on the landmark in 1855. He viewed the Falls from a mass of land in the middle of the Zambezi River, now known as Livingstone Island.

Struck by its beauty, Livingstone recorded these words:

“No one can imagine the beauty of the view from anything witnessed in England. It had never been seen before by European eyes, but scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.”

Livingstone felt it only fitting to name his sighting in honour of Queen Victoria. The locals, however, refer to it by its Tsonga name Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning the “smoke that thunders.”

In his account, Livingstone cites the waterfalls’ older names Seongo and Chongwe. This translates to “the place of the rainbow”, an apt name thanks to the constant spray.

It’s One Of The Seven Natural Wonders

An official UNESCO World Heritage Site, Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. This title means that Zimbabwe is obliged to do everything within its power to preserve the Falls.

It’s easy to see why this is necessary. This waterfall in Africa is so much more than just a world-class tourist destination. Its most important function is to sustain the people and wildlife that rely on the Falls for survival.

Victoria Falls National Park conserves the south and east bank of the Zambezi River. The park depends on the waterfall to support Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino, and many other animals.

It Has A Town Named After It

If you are looking to spend a few days in and around the area then Victoria Falls town is the perfect holiday destination. Mack Air will be operating daily scheduled flights between Kasane and Victoria Falls from 1 May 2021. Just hop on our Zambezi Link and visit this tourist hub that’s best known for its proximity to the astonishing waterfall.

Home to Victoria Falls, the town is the fastest way to enjoy the renowned attraction. From the city centre, it’s only 3.1 miles (5 km) to the bridge that parallels the main part of the waterfall. Just another 3.1 miles and visitors can gain access to Victoria Falls National Park.

Today, Victoria Falls town remains one of the most tourist-friendly places on the whole continent. It is the embodiment of the beauty of Zimbabwe. The view alone is enough to put this town on the map. Combine that with world-class Victoria Falls tourism and it’s a traveller’s dream come true.

Craft markets, breweries, drum shows, adrenaline-filled activities and sundowners (with some serious views) are just a few of the reasons you will want to stay in the town. While most tourists come for a few pictures of the landmark, for some, Victoria Falls town becomes the main attraction.

Victoria Falls Has A Rainforest

Close to the main body of the falls, there is a dense area of woodland vegetation that is nourished by the constant spray of the waterfall. This area is known as the Victoria Falls Rainforest.

The never-ending spray acts as rain and creates an environment in which rich and diverse plant life can flourish. The area’s flora supports varied species of insects, amphibians, and mammals. Here, travellers can see species of plants not found anywhere else in the region.

The rainforest cannot grow too close to the edge of the waterfall as the spray is too strong in these areas. As a result, there are hardly any trees and shrubs hanging over the gorge itself. The main rainforest develops a few metres back from the edge.

This site is best viewed in the early morning air when the spray’s mist is viewable from many miles away. It is fascinating to see the intricate way in which nature can support itself.

Visit Victoria Falls

Taking a trip to the heart of the Zambezi is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This picturesque place is sure to be a destination you will never forget!

It is not enough to hear about the exciting things Victoria Falls has to offer. Its magnificence cannot be overstated. If you would like to learn more about Victoria Falls, why not pay it a visit.