Experience It Zimbabwe: Walking With Rhinos

The number of amazing experiences you have to choose from when visiting the wild side of Africa are just incredible. But there is nothing quite like tracking the different species of black and white rhino, while having the opportunity to walk with them in the beautiful Zimbabwe.

Whether you’re in a safari vehicle or on foot next to an armed ranger, getting up close and personal with this critically endangered African mammal is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

It’s time to visit the scenic hills of one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Continue reading to find out why you should plan a trip to meet the elusive rhino in person. 

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Rhinos In Zimbabwe

Stunning Zimbabwe is home to the world’s fourth-largest black rhino population. The country is a safe haven for the conservation of the critically endangered species.

Rhino poaching has been a plague on African society. Between 2007 and 2009 nearly a quarter of these magnificent creatures were lost to poaching. This has been drastically slowed down and stopped, thanks in large part to the conservation efforts in Zimbabwe. 

However, while Zimbabwe fights to keep their rhino population thriving, poaching is an ongoing threat. Only vigilant monitoring and protection will keep the black rhino from extinction.

The Rhino Baby Boom

Thanks to the amazing efforts of Save The Rhino, the Lowveld Rhino Trust, and the International Rhino Foundation, the Lowveld region of Zimbabwe has seen a baby boom in the rhino population. This is amazing news for conservationists, and for tourists looking to experience rhinos in real life.

In 2020 it was clear that births had begun to outnumber losses. 17 baby rhinos were spotted in one area alone – this is rare in a place that so many poachers targeting it. Let’s hope that the population continues to rise and that we get to see these stunning creatures for many years to come.

Rhino Tracking In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s national parks are excellent for rhino spotting. Here you can do more than just look at them, your next safari can include a tracking and spotting expedition. Imagine getting up close and personal with the legendary African unicorn. 

The rare opportunity to walk with and track rhinos in Africa is available at Matobo National Park, Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls.

Rhino Trails In Matobo National Park

When you visit Matobo National park you will quickly understand why this is a spot that Cecil John Rhodes chose as his final resting place. 

It’s time to lace up your walking shoes as you will be tracking the Black and White rhino on a walking safari. Not to worry though, you will keep a safe distance at all times. Get ready to connect on a deep level with these threatened animals as you enjoy walking with rhinos.

The unique granite hills and gravity-defying balancing rocks will act as an amazing backdrop while you make your way and track through the park. If you’re lucky you will see other incredible game sightings on safari as well.

Hwange National Park

The search for the big five continues in one of the most untouched wilderness areas in Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park

The diverse park promises exceptional game viewing at some of the country’s most popular campsites. These sites are perfectly positioned for game viewing. 

Sit back and relax while the animals come to you. If you’re lucky, maybe you will spot some baby rhinos with their protective mamas. How amazing would that be?

Here you can also set off on foot with one of the expert trackers and guides to experience African rhinos in real life. What better way to add to your step count than by searching for rhinos in Hwange?

Victoria Falls

Bungee jumping isn’t the only fun thing to do at Victoria Falls. The world famous landmark inspires awe and respect for nature. 

The picture-perfect resort town situated on the Zambezi River is a must-see for those planning a safari in Zimbabwe. Get ready to see some incredible sightings as well as, you guessed it, rhinos. 

Imagine rhino tracking in Zimbabwe with the sounds of the great Victoria Falls in the background. There’s nothing quite like it.


The African Unicorn

Where in the world will you get the opportunity to stand toe to toe with Africa’s most endangered creatures? A trip like this is a no-brainer. 

Just a glimpse of these exotic animals and you will be talking about this trip for years to come. Whether you see the White Rhino or sneak a peak at the Black Rhino population your life will be forever changed. 

A group of rhinos is called a crash, and you definitely don’t want to crash into these guys unsupervised. One of the most incredible traits of rhinos is that they can run on their toes, making them not just the African unicorn, but a crash of ballet dancing African unicorns.

The White Rhino Species

Being the world’s second-largest land mammal, and weighing close to double the black rhino, the white rhino is an incredible sight to behold. 

Surprisingly it isn’t called the white rhino because it’s white, its name comes from the Dutch word widj which means wide and it refers to their wide mouths which have adapted specifically for grazing.

In terms of socialising, adult bulls are solitary, while females and their young stick together in groups.

The Black Rhino Species

Black rhinos are known as being slightly moody and are more aggressive than their white counterparts. So it comes as no surprise that one of the features that distinguishes them apart from the white rhino is their hooked upper lip. They really do have a stiff upper lip when it comes to temperament in the bush.

Unlike the white rhino who are grazers, the black rhinos are browsers, and their square and pointed lip helps them to feed on a tree’s leaves and surrounding bushes.

Planning Your Next Trip?

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