Experience It: Maun, Botswana – The Town Of Multiplicity

Experience It: Maun, Botswana – The Town Of Multiplicity

Africa is famous for featuring the biggest and the best in many environmental categories. The continent has it all, from vast desert stretches and tremendous rainforests to snow-covered mountaintops, craggy coastlines, and the world-renowned big five.

When it comes to this rich continent, treasure can be found even in the most unexpected places. While the town of Maun may not be Botswana’s largest town, it is certainly one of the country’s most diverse.

Appropriately named the tourism capital of boisterous Botswana, this town acts as the doorway to some of Botswana’s most treasured tourist sites. Come and explore what makes Maun the capital of adventure…

Maun: Once Upon A Time

Before it became the modern town of today, Maun had a reputation as a “Wild West” town. This Western label developed as a result of the widespread cattle ranching and hunting operations in the area. It was a town used to hard living and a volatile relationship with the land.

The town began as the tribal capital of the Batswana people in 1915. However, since the early 1990s, Maun’s tourism has seen huge growth. This is partly due to the completion of the tar road from Nata village in the Central District of Botswana that took place in that decade.

The town developed swiftly, quickly shaking off its old-town character. Today, Maun is proudly home to approximately 55 000 people. It is said that the name of the town is derived from the San word “maung”. This San term translates as “the place of short reeds”.

It has become a unique and attractive combination of old and new living. This stunning metropolitan town now lies along the banks of the Thamalakane River. Here, tourists can look out for crocodiles and hippos in the waterways.

Maun: The Gatekeeper Of Botswana

Maun is perfectly situated at the gateway of many of Botswana’s top adventure destinations. This means that by visiting this one historical destination, you get to tick multiple sites off your bucket list. 

One of the reasons so many tourists flock to this town is because it is the access point to the Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve.

Maun hosts numerous safari and air-charter operations for eager wildlife enthusiasts and savvy travel agents. Its convenient positioning means that Maun is also a prime launchpad for stunning safari flights. In fact, our own Mack Air Headquarters is situated in Maun Airport.

Book a scenic flight with us to discover Maun’s magnificent surroundings by air. From kaleidoscopes of giraffe and crashes of rhino to pride of lion and coalitions of cheetah, you’ll never see wildlife the same way again.

In the words of our own adrenaline-loving pilot Ross Branch, the Kalahari Ferrari, “Once you do it once, you open the door to a new world. There is nowhere else that you will see so many wild animals.”

Feast Your Eyes On Maun, Botswana

Are you wondering how to keep yourself entertained in this scenic Southern African town? No need to worry! There is no end to the activities available in Maun, Botswana. The town is the perfect mixture of the country’s great history and its new contemporary atmosphere.

Visitors can look forward to a range of adventures. Everything from breathtaking safaris to an array of comfortable accommodation options, from business hotels to authentic safari camps – it’s a completely new and exciting frontier.

Maun International Airport

It’s not often that we add an airport as one of the main attractions of an area. But, when touring this great town how you begin is just as important as the memories you make.

Considered one of the busiest airports in the Southern African region, the Maun International Airport is a destination in its own right.

It doesn’t hurt that it recently received a much-needed million-dollar makeover. Arriving in Maun means arriving in style.

You can expect better facilities, bigger waiting areas, and streamlined check-in zones.

Enjoy a celebratory introduction to this spectacular town by drinking at one of the town’s eccentric new hangouts just across the road. Take your time to soak up your surroundings and decide where you will begin your adventure.

You can even take a short walk to the famous Maun Made, a showroom inside The Duck Cafe & Bar right opposite the airport.

This fresh and funky showcase is a platform for artists, entrepreneurs, and communities to market their one-of-a-kind creations. These product ranges are made from local recycled rubbish to help lessen waste around the town.

Great Markets Of Maun

Prepare yourself for a blast from the past. Evidence of old Maun exists everywhere. Nowhere else can you experience its rich traditions and history more than at the local markets.

Come and try your hand at basket weaving, a challenging ancient art that some locals have spent years mastering. Watch as the weavers create an intricate basket in a perfect pattern – you’ll be in absolute awe.

Meet friendly seamstresses as they sew together swathes of Shweshwe material. These talented individuals create stunning designs out of colourful fabrics, which you can take home.

While many of the safari guides in the area happen to be men, the market is the women’s territory. Here you can see the country through the eyes of a Tswana woman. Take your time and slowly browse through the art and food that these people have perfected over generations of practice.

Your travels are sure to build your appetite and this picturesque town caters to gastronomical fans and foodies.

Why not enjoy a specially made craft beer at the well-known local craft brewery. This microbrewery buys millet from small-scale farmers in the area. This is to give back to the farmers who help reduce conflict between local people and elephants.

In this way, the brewery is doing its part to protect ancient elephant corridors. It supports the establishment of non-harmful elephant deterrents, which help to develop more sustainable agricultural practices.

If beer is not your thing, Maun hosts a variety of restaurants where local and international dishes are served in the most amazing scenic spots.

Take a bite out of Africa and enjoy the taste of the wild when you feast at the local Maun hotspots.

Where To Stay In Maun

There are countless world-class accommodation options in Maun. Each with its own character and idyllic setting just waiting to be explored.

Some are accessible by car, however, many of the more exclusive retreats have private landing strips. These treasures are exceptionally remote and only accessible from the air by charter flight. These lodges are worth visiting to experience the untouched wilderness, gorgeous scenery, and five-star culinary offerings. 

Most of these accommodations will have staff dedicated to helping you design the perfect itinerary for your safari vacation. Just contact your travel agent and tell them what you want to see and do.  

The camps and lodges are always looking to please and create an incredible experience for their clientele.

When Are You Going To Maun?

Is travelling to the world-renowned country of Botswana even still up for debate? There is no way you can miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Dynamite comes in small packages and Maun is no different. This Southern African town is jam-packed with everything you are looking for in a tourist experience. Maun has just as much to offer as its surrounding regions. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Exploring Maun

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