Experience It: Khama Rhino Sanctuary – Botswana’s Animal Community

Experience It: Khama Rhino Sanctuary – Botswana’s Animal Community

In Southern Africa, there is a sense of community that is unrivalled in other parts of the globe. The idea is that people can only achieve great things through Oneness.

Success only comes by sharing ourselves with others and by caring for those around us. Nowhere is this more evident than the Khama Rhino Sanctuary.

This community-based wildlife project in vibrant Botswana is a rhino reserve like no other. The sanctuary utilises the country’s natural resources to create a truly special experience. Let’s take a tour through the astonishing Khama Rhino Sanctuary.

The Captivating Story Of Botswana’s Rhinoceros Sanctuary

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

The growing pandemic of poaching is causing global outrage – Rightfully so. Africa’s rhinos are slaughtered for their horns every day.

In 1992, the local Batswana community decided to come up with a solution. It was time for the country to take action and restore its rhino reserves.

A group of Serowe residents wanted to encourage wildlife conservation in the area. The Serwe Pan had traditionally been used as a hunting area and was filled with endangered Rhino.

The proposal was to restore Serowe to its previous natural state. In 1993, the Ngwato Land Board allocated the land for conservation. And so, the Khama Rhino Sanctuary was born.

Based near Serowe, Botswana, the reserve covers approximately 8 585 hectares (21 214 acres) of Kalahari Sandveld. It is a haven that provides prime habitats for White and Black Rhino.

Rhino Sanctuary’s Hard Work

When you visit the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, you support a thriving ecosystem. One that provides economic benefits to both the local community and the natural surroundings.

The long-term goal of the Sanctuary is to create an environment in which Black and White Rhino can breed safely. The animals are then reintroduced into their natural habitats. These magnificent animals are fiercely protected by anti-poaching rangers and the Botswana Defence Force.

The economic benefits to the local Botswana community are immense. Tourism helps sustain the local wildlife efforts. Through the help of the sanctuary, the animal species can flourish again.

Wild Side Of Khama Rhino Sanctuary

While the Rhino are the main attraction, wildlife enthusiasts are in for a greater treat at this sanctuary. Exciting wildlife have been introduced here and some have settled naturally to graze this protected land.

The sanctuary is a prime habitat for mammals just waiting for visitors to spot them. You can witness delightful spectacles of:

  • zesty zebra
  • shiny blue wildebeest
  • towering giraffe
  • Eland, springbok, impala, kudu, duiker, and red hartebeest
  • Fierce predators, like leopards, African wild cat, black-backed jackal, and brown hyena.
While watching the animals that roam the land, remember to look up and enjoy the creatures that rule the skies too. Birdwatchers can look forward to over 230 identified species at the sanctuary. This includes African red-eyed bulbuls, Abdim’s stork, and the bearded woodpecker.

Khama Rhino Sanctuary: Where To Stay

How you experience the Khama Rhino Sanctuary is up to you. After all, you have a vast range of safari options and accommodation from which to choose.

Live on the wild side of things by camping in one of the well-maintained campgrounds. These camps give the term “roughing it” a whole new meaning. Imagine waking up to the sound of snorting Rhino or falling asleep to the giggles of hyena and melody of frog trills!

There are around 13 campsites in the area. Some of these cater for large groups so your trip can easily be a family affair.

Campsites are fitted with fireplaces and braai stand grills. Nothing like sipping sundowners and firing up the braai (barbeque) while watching the beautiful Serowe sunset.

Camping isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to experience Khama Rhino Sanctuary in a more luxurious style.

Chalet facilities are available at Mokongwa Camp, a short drive from the entrance of the sanctuary. Make sure you book well in advance. These chalets are extremely popular.

The chalets are the perfect accommodation for people who prefer self-catering. Each chalet has an en-suite bathroom and cooking equipment. You can look forward to homemade feasts in the heart of the African wilderness, with all the creature comforts of home.

Sanctuary Activities

Roads at the conservation are well-maintained. The sanctuary may not be as well known as some of Botswana’s other attractions (like the Chobe National Park or Okavango Delta), but it certainly has its own magic. The work being done here helps create and protect a legacy that tourists will enjoy for years to come.

A quest awaits you in a park that is perfect for 4×4 self-drive safaris. Guided game drives are also available as well as guided rhino walking trails and nature walks.

All of these activities are supervised by well-trained expert rangers who can ensure your safety. Guided tours can help you gain a wealth of knowledge about the park’s animals and flora.

You get to learn first-hand about the reserve’s importance. And, you’ll discover more about how these conservation efforts are fighting to preserve Africa’s natural resources.

Fortune Favors Khama Rhino Sanctuary

Experience the community feeling and Oneness of Southern Africa. The reserve offers a chance to see the best of Botswana and to appreciate the country’s conservation efforts.

Africa is an interconnected adventure like no other. Book a trip, visit the fabulous Khama Rhino Sanctuary, and meet the gentle giants that live there!