Mack Air and Pharma Group TEAM UP! – Quicker COVID-19 Testing

Mack Air and Pharma Group TEAM UP! – Quicker COVID-19 testing

Pharma Group Botswana, in connection with Always Open (AO) Clinics, CT Diagnostics and Mack Air have come together to offer COVID-19 testing facilities at all major Botswana airports and the Okavango Delta region.

The service is available from the 14th of December 2020, initially at Maun International Airport as well as the Okavango Delta region, within a radius of a one-hour flight from Maun. Further additions of all other major Botswana airports will follow – Announcements for added locations will be shared in due course.

The testing procedure includes visiting the Pharma Group website, booking a location and date, and completing the online payment on their website. This service allows for seamless, hassle-free COVID-19 testing in-camp or at an airport terminal before leaving Botswana, allowing our clients to enjoy more of their lodge experience.

CT Diagnostics, the laboratory driving the testing initiative, commenced operations in 2016 and is a fully Motswana owned company with Batswana staff. They process 100 tests every 12 hours, extract 24 samples per hour, and their testing machine processes 54 specimens per hour.

The test conducted is a PCR test, with a nasal and throat swab, processed within 12 hours of swabbing. Whether the client(s) opt for in-camp or terminal testing, it is required to have the test conducted at least 24 hours before departure out of Botswana.
The laboratory will be based at the Mack Air main offices at Maun International Airport. Prices are all-inclusive and all prices are stated on the Pharma Group website. Clients, Agents and Camps are suggested to book at least 48 hours in advance of departure out of the country, however, booking upon arrival in Botswana or while booking their travel itinerary is highly recommended.

Book your COVID-19 test with Pharma Group from the 14th of December 2020.