Mack Air – Taking Flight With Brand Rights

Mack Air – Taking Flight With Brand Rights

Maybe you haven’t noticed the little “R” that’s been added to our Mack Air logo in the past few weeks. Seemingly small, this change symbolises a big promise from the Mack Air team. A promise that we can’t wait to share with you, especially as we celebrate over 25 years of taking our passengers to great heights!

Over 25 Years in Africa’s Skies

This year, we’re celebrating over 25 years of taking you to where you want to be. From our modest beginnings in a rustic shack, you have helped us to grow and bring our vision to life. You – our clients, partners, and stakeholders – have been a key factor in our journey to becoming the largest independent air charter company in Botswana. 

The excited twinkle in our passengers’ eyes as we fly over the spectacular Okavango Delta… The way they laugh and joke with our pilots as they exchange safari stories… Their hunger to see the remotest and wildest parts of Africa…

These interactions have been our motivating force. Our passengers and partners drive us to greater heights, encouraging us to provide world-class service, greater efficiency, and impeccable safety procedures. You’ve brought out the best in us, which is why we want the best for you. 

Although 2020 was not rewarding for tourism across the world, there is an upside. Mother Nature has enjoyed a well-deserved break. The Okavango Delta and surrounding areas have made the best of this quiet time that’s been granted. 

Animal populations, rivers, and waterways have swollen and the diverse plant life is thriving. Recent heavy rains have blessed the land and, as a result, Botswana is ready to greet tourists with an explosion of life and beauty. Something that safari lovers can look forward to after this rather bleak period. 

The past year has been emotionally turbulent. The world hunkered down and did its best to ride out the storm. During this uncertain time, we took the opportunity to double down on the future and recommit ourselves to our dream.

“It’s really all about what we’re currently doing. We will continue to offer excellent service. We’ve already made our mark with the introduction of the 17 new Cessna Grand Caravan EX’s, the biggest delivery in Africa thus far. Our ultimate goal is to expand our presence and become the leading charter company for Southern Africa,” elaborates Michael Weyl, Managing Director at Mack Air. 

Michael joined the Mack Air family in 2003, spending his first days as a Commercial Pilot, loading aircraft and looking after the operations desk. In 2007, he became Chief Pilot and later progressed to Operations Manager. He continued his upwards trajectory, climbing to the position of Account Manager followed by his current role as Managing Director. With Michael at the helm, we improved our business processes and maintained our exemplary service quality over the 2020/2021 period.

During this period, we reassessed our global footprint and restructured the business to increase our efficiency. We continued to apply for Domestic Scheduled Licenses and acquired a brand-new office at Maun airport. An office that ensures a smooth transition between the aircraft and terminal, affording passengers an effortless check-in and ticketing process. Our loyal crew and aircraft remain current in every aspect, including pilot licenses and safety protocols. We’re keeping our skills sharp and our banter sharper. 

And, that’s where the little “R” comes in. It’s why we chose now to register our logo. By adding the “R” to our brand identity, you have our promise that we will be here for years to come. Staying on top of our game and growing to accommodate all your wild adventures. We’ll take our passengers to their dream destinations and show them Africa, from an entirely new perspective, time and time again.

The “R” is our promise that you can count on us. No one is taking our place. 

We’re here for the long run. 

We Know Africa

Mack Air took off from a runway of passion, built upon a love for the Okavango Delta and its magnificent surroundings. Founders Stuart and Lara Mackay knew from the get-go that this special place needed to be shared with the world. The Delta’s remoteness, exclusivity, and adventurous spirit only added to the appeal and wonder of this destination. 

With huge enthusiasm and big plans for the future, Lara and Stuart grew the Mack Air family. By 1998, Mack Air had a small team of pilots committed to sharing the fascinating story of the Delta with safari enthusiasts. This love of storytelling and the wild is at the core of our team values and culture. 

“When it comes to our love of Africa, it’s not only that. It’s our love for wildlife and conservation. For us, conservation extends beyond wildlife too. It also concerns the aviation industry as a whole, our business, our employees, and our stakeholders. It’s about doing things responsibly and giving back to the environment,” explains Michael.

Over the years, our geographic range expanded and so too did our knowledge of other equally captivating countries, like Namibia and Zimbabwe. Mack Air covered new ground and skies as it took passengers and cargo to more and more remote locations. As a result, we know the country intimately.

With the times as they are at the moment, we’re doing everything we can to add to Botswana’s appeal from both a tourism and aviation perspective. We’re increasing our reach further by adding new flight routes, with the phenomenal Victoria Falls and Zambia up next on the agenda. And, we’re making changes in our processes to keep our passengers’ welfare at the front of mind. 

“We’ve been working hard at offering a more convenient service. We’re now sending an aircraft with a nurse, at cost, to our partner camps and lodges. In this way, the guests can get tested for Covid-19 without losing a night at their lodge or camp by having to come out to Maun to undergo tests,” says Michael. 

It’s our client-centric culture and passion for this continent that makes us different. You achieve the ultimate African flight experience with Mack Air. That little “R” drives home the fact that no one knows Africa like we do.

World-Class Facilities and Personnel

We’re not shy in saying we have grown to become one of the most advanced air charter companies in Southern Africa. We have a fleet of the latest Cessna Grand Caravan EX’s as well as the Cessna Citation M2 jet. Combining luxury with power, our air-conditioned aircraft guarantee both comfortable and enjoyable flights.

Our stakeholders’ desire to see more of Africa has led us to expand our available flight routes. Mack Air currently holds both International and Domestic Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Licenses. This means we will be taking our passengers to their destination of choice for the long haul. 

We offer offices and services in the following locations:

  • Maun – Mack Air Head Office: Maun International Airport
  • Maun – Mack Air Reception: 1 Airport Road, Maun
  • Maun – Mack Air Scheduled Flights Office: Main terminal at Maun International Airport – Office 67A
  • Lanseria – Aviation Partner – Advantage Lounge: Lanseria International Airport
  • Cape Town – Aviation Partner – Advantage Lounge: Cape Town International Airport
  • Kasane – Lounge & Check-in Desk – Satellite Office: Kasane International Airport
  • Gaborone – Meet and greets: Sir Seretse Khama International Airport
  • Livingston – Meet and greets: Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport

We’ve also expanded our team to over 110 skilled personnel. Our staff offer reliable and personable service every step of the way. Every team member has the express aim of making our passengers’ African dreams come true, from start to finish.

Contact us for more information on our scenic flights, scheduled flights, cargo runs, and charter flights.