Experience It: Mokolodi Game Reserve – Cycle Safaris, Braais & Champagne

Experience It: Mokolodi Game Reserve – Cycle Safaris, Braais & Champagne

African resources have been sought after for generations. Be it minerals or natural beauty, everyone wants a piece of this monumental continent.

That’s why places like the Mokolodi Nature Reserve are so important. This stunning reserve is one of the few in Southern Africa that protects the wonderful riches found in larger-than-life Botswana.

If you are looking for a good trip that offers bang for your buck, there is no better place to enjoy Botswana’s wildlife or spend quality time with your family. Come with us and explore the Mokolodi Game Reserve.

Mokolodi Game Reserve: For The Love Of Conservation

The Mokolodi Game Reserve is a private, non-profit nature reserve, which was founded in 1994 by the Mokolodi Wildlife Foundation.

It is spread out over 12 sq mi (30 sq km) of donated land in the heart of the African bush. To find this natural wonder, all you need to do is travel 6.2 miles (10 km) south of Gaborone, Botswana.

Mokolodi Nature Reserve showcases an awe-inspiring collection of animals that astonishes even those with the wildest of imaginations. Arguably, one of the most important of these species is the southern White Rhino. Mokolodi protects a herd of these grey giants as part of its national breeding programme.

This group of rhinos actively contributes to the rebuilding of the national collective herd in Botswana. This effort goes a long way in ensuring the magnificent animal species does not go extinct.

The reserve, alongside other conservation movers and shakers in Botswana, aims to help rhinos lose their endangered label. Sanctuaries like the Mokolodi Nature Reserve demonstrate how we as humans can make a real difference to the animals that need us the most. Charitable organisations and tourists help to establish these wildlife havens and fund rehabilitation programmes. 

Mokolodi Education Program

As a pillar of the community, the Mokolodi Wildlife Foundation treats environmental education as a key objective.

The Foundation hosts disadvantaged children from across Botswana. The park offers fee-based activity and accommodation services to support noble objectives.

The primary idea is to help the children of Botswana embrace nature and the future. In brief, the initiative hopes to raise the next generation of conservationists – children who are passionate about their country and preserving its beauty.

This is also a way to promote job creation for disadvantaged children in the area who would not, without intervention, be exposed to exciting opportunities in the field of conservation.

Wild Side Of Mokolodi Nature Reserve

We all love conservation efforts but there is another reason tourists flock to Mokolodi Nature Reserve. It’s because of the wide variety of safari activities available.

Just thinking about the array of adventures awaiting is sure to get your heart racing. If your budget only allows you a few places to travel inside the country then Mokolodi should definitely be one of your first stops.

It doesn’t hurt that the reserve is so close to Gaborone. This means you experience both the wild and metropolitan sides of this fantastic country.

You can enjoy a day of wildlife viewing in the reserve followed by a dip at your accommodation’s pool before you head out to indulge in Gaborone’s buzzing nightlife scene.

Here are some of the activities you can look forward to at Mokolodi.

Game Drives & Guided Walks

It can be difficult to pick a place to experience the perfect safari drive when you take a trip to Southern Africa. Tourists are looking to pay for an experience that will give them very good value.

You’ll be thrilled to discover that a Mokolodi Nature Reserve game drive is your ticket to a wildlife extravaganza that is definitely worth every penny and more. You can look forward to sightings of:

  • Powerful predators like the brown hyena, leopards, and cheetah
  • Ferocious Nile crocodiles
  • Variety of buck and herbivores such as mountain reedbuck, red hartebeest, gemsbok, kudu, impala, waterbuck, and zebra
  • Humongous hippopotamus
  • And, as mentioned before, the endangered Southern White Rhino.

For some of the more elusive animals, the reserve offers opportunities to track them. Rhino and giraffe tracking is offered.

These tracking excursions are guided by expert trackers and experienced rangers. This allows guests to encounter white rhinos and giraffes safely, from only meters away. Just imagine being able to take a safari selfie with two splendid giraffes munching on an acacia tree in the background – a picture for the ages.

Reptile Park

If scales and cold-blooded animals fascinate you, then you are in for a real treat.

Take a trip to the reptile park inside the Mokolodi Nature Reserve. Feast your eyes on black mambas, Mozambique spitting cobras, puff adders, and snouted cobras.

Seeing these snakes is both chilling and exciting. Learning about these snakes’ potent venom will leave you feeling exhilarated as well as grateful that you get to view them from a safe distance.

That said, these reptiles are beautiful and so often misunderstood. Remember, to them, we are threatening. So, ensure you show respect and good manners and you’ll get along just fine.

Cycle Safari

If you feel that viewing wildlife from the back of a 4×4 vehicle is not intimate or exhilarating enough, there is another safari solution. For adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts, Mokolodi provides cycle safaris.

Enjoy the feeling of fresh air on your face and smell the scents of the wild as you cycle through the African bush. Led by a guide, these cycle safaris are best done by people with a good level of fitness – you will need to be able to keep up with the group.

Stretch your muscles, get your heart racing, and experience the joys of nature and movement as you race through the Mokolodi Nature Reserve.

Bush Braais And Champagne Brunch

Do you know the best activity to do after you take a game drive? Feast the African way of course!

A flaming braai (barbecue) is a true taste of Africa. Mokolodi Nature Reserve offers prime game meat prepared over an open fire – thoughtfully paired with sparkling champagne.

Whether you call it a braai or a barbeque where you come from, there is no better way to taste Southern African cuisine. You will be licking your lips and asking for seconds.

A traditional braai is all about socialising. It’s the perfect mix of tasty food, refreshing drinks, and jolly people. Take this opportunity to share safari stories with other tourists, get to know the locals, and discover everything you can about the area.

Mokolodi Nature Reserve: Paradise Awaits

Have we not given you enough reason to book your trip to the safari kingdom of Botswana? Safaris don’t get better than this.

This little nation offers travelers big rewards. Tourists looking for that once-in-a-lifetime trip need to pack their bags and head over to Botswana now. Make sure you’ve put the Mokolodi Nature Reserve on your travel itinerary – it’s the best of the African Bush and conservation in one place.