Quality Policies

Mack Air is a non-scheduled charter operator, and therefore it is a significant factor in creating the identity of the Republic of Botswana as an important member of the ICAO, the regional leader, and an exceptional tourist destination. Mack Air provides passenger, cargo air transportation services.
Regardless of the services we deliver, we are aware that our success in connecting Maun with the Okavango Delta, Linyanti, Victoria Falls and other places as required, in being a worthy representation of the Republic of Botswana, an active participant in the strengthening of tourism, as well as our success in taking a leading position in the region, depend directly on the trust and satisfaction of our customers. It is therefore our duty to understand their needs and make every effort to meet their expectations.

Mack Air makes no compromises in terms of flight safety. Therefore, we are permanently committed to conducting first-class training of our staff, to implementing systems and processes in our operations in accordance with the prescribed standards, and to continuously adopting new technology and investing in technical resources. Monitoring, analysis, and mitigation of the risks related to flight safety, as well as risks associated with business processes, are our continuous activity.

Highly motivated and satisfied employees are a key factor in achieving our goals. Therefore, we evaluate and apply the latest trends in human resources management, we measure the performances of our employees, and actively cooperate to direct their careers and increase their efficiency.
By using modern technologies and optimizing our operations we reduce the negative impact of aircraft operations on the environment, thus contributing to the preservation and improvement of sustainable development, thereby fulfilling our obligation to future generations.
The management of Mack Air is committed to regularly reviewing the company’s achievements, particularly regarding the safety of our operations and the quality of our services, and continuously improving them. The task of all our managers is to encourage and support any initiative that leads to the improved efficiency of our operations. At the same time, the priority commitment of all our employees is the constant improvement to the safety and quality of services.